Once upon a time, a handsome engineer from MIT met a beautiful choral director. The beautiful choral director had been cursed with having to use old, heavy choral folders that were awkward, clumsy, and caused her precious music to fall upon the ground.  She begged the handsome engineer to design for her a folder that was durable, practical, good looking, protected her music, and yet, remained inexpensive. The handsome engineer went straight to work and after great thought, brought forth a design that became known throughout the kingdom as the CHORALYRE. The beautiful choral director rejoiced that the curse had finally been lifted.  Word spread throughout the land of an extraordinary choral folder and those fortunate to gaze upon the folder, liked it and ordered it in great abundance. As for the beautiful choral director, she married the handsome engineer and they lived happily ever after and raised future generations of choral members who continue to create the CHORALYRE to this very day.